JYou Connection


What is JYou Connection?

Child Evangelism Fellowship® is serious about discipleship! Good News Club® is our primary means of discipling children, but when pre-teens age out of GNC™, we want them to continue growing in their walk with Christ, being involved in local churches and developing a missionary vision especially as relates to CEF® ministry. JYC™ is one of the most effective ways of reaching boys and girls with the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is conveniently located, easily accessed by students and attended by junior high students who already know each other and can learn together as they grow in their faith.

JYC™ meets once a week for at least one hour to teach youth the truth found in the Bible and for discipleship. This program is the next layer added onto our primary ministry Good News Clubs. In JYC™, the students will start to learn how to teach God's Word alongside their Bible teachers. In hope of them attending our young adult program Christian Youth In Action® once they attend high school.

Teaching Biblical truth can help children develop a committed walk with Jesus Christ, offer real life solutions backed by the power of God’s Word, improve attitudes and behavior at home and at school, offer the moral foundation needed to combat the pressures of living in today’s world and provide hope for hurting kids.