The Time Is Now.

The below testimony is from a one-time Ice Cream MESSage Party Club that we did in our community.

My wife and I moved into our community a little over a year ago. It is peaceful and quiet and we love it. There were a lot of kids playing on the green grass and all seemed to be having fun with one another. We would wave and say hi to them and started to create a relationship with them by playing soccer. After a few chats, we quickly realized that the children were unchurched. They curse and have bad attitudes. As children’s ministers, we started praying about sharing the gospel with the children in our community. One day, the children came knocking on the door to ask me to play soccer with them. After the soccer game, we all sat down on the grass with two adults and 8 kids and started talking. It was the right time to ask if they would attend a one time party club. They all excitedly said "Yes!". That night my wife and I decided on a date two weeks from now and planned to share "The Ice Cream MESSage" from CEF. We printed the invitation and gave them out to the children with some of the kids who were helping us invite their friends. The day of the club came and it was a hot sunny day, perfect weather for Ice Cream. Eight children attended the party club. We weren’t sure what their attitude would be towards what we were teaching but to our surprise they were all into it, even the older kids! When the invitation was given 4 of the kids raised their hands to accept Jesus as their Savior. The kids really loved the program and said they would love to do it again. Later that night something terrible happened. The father of the two brothers who came to the club overdosed on drugs and died just a few hours after the club ended. Their father used to play soccer with us too and it came as a great shock to all the neighbors.

But isn’t it amazing that just a few hours before these two young boys would experience perhaps the darkest moment of their lives they heard the gospel? Sometimes, we as ministers love to experience or see the fruit of our labor and God gives us a glimpse of what that looks like. It is crucial and very important that we act and take the opportunity that God gives to us to present the gospel of Jesus Christ because you just never know what tomorrow holds for those who God has brought into your path. God’s timing is always perfect and nothing happens by chance. The time is now. We ought not to delay because we ourselves are not promised tomorrow. Will you pray and ask God to help you discern and to increase your desire to share the gospel with every child not just in your life but also in your community? Because they might just be heading towards their darkest moment and you can give them the light which is Christ. Grayson was one of the four kids who accepted Jesus for the first time. Again, the time is now!

Prayer Request: Will you join us in praying for Braden (11) and Grayson (9) to be strong in the Lord. Please pray for their well-being as we heard that their mother who came to pick them up is also struggling with drugs. Pray for their mom to come to the saving faith that is in Christ Jesus.